Our Story

Contemporary Design Inc.® (CDI) has enjoyed a successful partnership with plastic and cosmetic surgeons for 30 years. Just like cosmetic procedures, our garments have evolved to take advantage of new technologies. In 2007 we introduced Sculptures Compression Wear.® Sculptures garments embody the latest developments in fit and fabric. We utilize Body Scan technology with a 360o view to create a perfect, body-hugging fit that contours the patient. Our high-tech Sateen and SuperSilky fabrics are breathable, self-wicking, antimicrobial, and have proven memory resilience and four-way stretch. These features ensure our garments provide radial, uniform compression throughout the entire post-op recovery period. As always, seams are on the outside and reinforced for a secure, uninterrupted fit over the surgical area. With the introduction of Sculptures, we virtually transformed the industry’s expectation of comfort, compression, and design. 

The Bottom Line

Aside from a good design and durability, studies have shown that the prevailing feature determining a compression garment’s overall effectiveness – and indeed your patients’ post-op results – relies upon patient compliance. Our Sateen and SuperSilky fabrics are comfortable – really comfortable, which happens to be the primary element in ensuring your patients wear them. Choose CDI – your patients will love the added comfort, and your facility will appreciate our service and modest prices. After all of these years, Contemporary Design truly remains…  the Perfect Fit for Post-Op Garments®

We Continue to Innovate

Our philosophy rests on the fact that CDI is here to offer excellent service, quickly respond to product suggestions, and create high quality, durable compression garments that are patient-friendly. As a result of recommendations from doctors and nurses, we have recently added new garment styles, medical grade liposuction foam, and cold therapy to our repertoire. We also offer an Among Colleagues program and private labeling and personalized gel packs to help innovate and elevate the post-op recovery process for your office. We continue to offer same-day shipping, keeping pace with your office’s busy schedule, and we have a great, worry-free return policy.

Customer Service

Our knowledgeable Customer Care Department is happy to listen, answer your questions and provide you with superior customer service and the finest quality compression garments and healing aids. It is our desire that your relationship with Contemporary Design, Inc.® is long and satisfying –  it is our number one priority. Give us a call. We are ready to assist both professionals and patients with questions regarding Surgical Compression Garments, Shapewear, Bras & Breastwear, Girdles & Binders, Maternity, Men’s Wear, Compression Stockings or Recovery Aids, as well as Customization.

Contact us at 800-330-6300 or 610-923-7648.